About Me

I’ve been a primary teacher for 25 years, taken early retirement, but want to tutor and continue to educate and inspire children. I have a DBS certificate.

Every child deserves every opportunity to become their best. Education opens doors and gives choices to young people in their future education and careers.

I went into teaching to make a difference to every child I would teach. I always tell my pupils they are all great at something, no-one is great at everything. The key to a good teacher is to find that area each individual child is great at and to celebrate their successes and give them opportunities to shine in those areas. I passionately believe pupils need lots of praise and encouragement.

I will listen to the pupil, listen to the parent and work with the school where needed. I will assess to see what the pupil’s needs are and then plan lessons to target their personal needs and then teach them in comfortable surroundings.

Every child is unique, my job is to increase their confidence, educate them and make them happy and feel positive to go to school and prepare them for high school.

I’m based in Burscough and cover the surrounding villages and Ormskirk.